European Project, prevenzione e sicurezza stradale

Project Activities

MERCURIO is structured in a modular way: four consequent Working Packages (WP) and two transversal ones.

WP1. Desk review of the RIMS

Project partners will update and widen their experience-based knowledge to reach a comprehensive understanding and to better focus the following research activities.

WP2. Assessment of the social and economic burden road crashes place on national finances

A multi-sectorial analysis will be implemented using methodological tools, already validated by previous European projects, to estimate the debilitating impact of road crashes on the GDP of the participating countries in the short and long-term.

WP3 . Assessment of the economic and social burden road crashes place on households

A household casualty survey will be performed on a total sample of  1.000 households identified at random from police and hospitals records. Households will be given a diary to record costs and impact for a period of time of 6 months.

WP4. Analysis of the research results and their dissemination

The research activities results will be merged and compared to provide a comprehensive analysis of the RIMS and its costs. Five European external experts will validate it and will identify 10 key advocacy messages to sensitize policy-makers and to advocate them to action. The deliverable will be MERCURIO final publication: “A European analysis of the Road Injuries Management System with regard to the social and economic impact of emergency and post-injuries services on national finances and households”. 

Findings will be disseminated at national level (though the organization of a seminar per participating country with at least 20 stakeholders) and at European level (through a Final Conference involving all the partners, 20 selected stakeholders and 5 external experts).

Other dissemination channels will be: a dedicated website in English, information material (brochures and USB keys); press release and publication of n.2 scientific articles.

WPa. Project Management (PM)

A PM scheme will be designed to ensure effective and efficient management, achievement of objectives within the stated time and resources and compliance with the reporting requirements of DG MOVE. Activities will include a 2-days Kick-off Meeting in Paris, a 3-days Project Seminar in Vienna, a 2-days Final Conference in Rome and remote communication.

WPb. Project Evaluation

Monitoring and evaluation activities will be regularly carried out to assess the project progress and impact as to scientifically validate the information produced.


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