European Project, prevenzione e sicurezza stradale

Expected results

MERCURIO project has been structured in modular research activities, which together will contribute to the achievement, by the project ending, of the following specific result: a collection of data useful to European stakeholders and especially to policy-makers in the 5 participating countries to design evidence-based and cost-efficient measures to improve emergency and post-injuries services.

In fact, the sum of the following “sub-results”, achieved through each particular activity, will bring to the release of MERCURIO scientific publication (“A European analysis of the RIMS with regard to the social and economic impact of emergency and post-injuries services on national finances and households”) including:

• an updated review on the RIMS;

• the estimation of the social and economic cost of road injuries for public finances, in the immediate post-crash management and in long-term;

• the most reliable estimation of the economic and social cost of road injuries for households thanks to the direct consultation of injured people and their families;

• the identification of 10 key messages to motive stakeholders to improve the RIMS.

In a complementary way, another core result expected to achieve during the project implementation, is an increased awareness of European stakeholders on the social and economic impact of road injuries on national finances and on households of injured people and their families. The latter will be verifiable and quantifiable though the submission of a survey to the stakeholders invited to MERCURIO’s dissemination activities.

It is expected that these results will bring, in the long-term, to a major commitment of European stakeholders in the field of RIMS to improve emergency and post-injuries services. Moreover, their increased awareness and motivation will bring to a better acceptance and understanding of the upcoming EU Global Strategy of Action on Road Injuries and First Aid, as of the EU Policy Orientations on Road Safety 2011-2020.


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